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Abtec Flower Booster


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Flower Booster-Organic Flower Booster Manure Liquid Fertilizer for Flower Plants – (500 ml)


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Elevate the beauty of your garden with Flower Booster, a ready-to-use flowering enhancer that’s tailored to make your plants bloom like never before. Whether you’re an avid gardener or a professional grower, this convenient solution will help you achieve a garden bursting with vibrant, colorful blossoms.

Key Features:
*Dedicated Flowering Support: Flower Booster is formulated with the sole purpose of enhancing and promoting flowering in plants.
*Ready-to-Use: This user-friendly spray comes in a convenient, pre-packaged sprayer, making application quick and effortless.
*Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide variety of flowering plants, from ornamental flowers to fruit-bearing trees.
*Efficient Results: Application is simple, ensuring that you achieve maximum bloom potential with minimal effort.
*Bountiful Blooms: Watch as your plants produce an abundance of stunning flowers, creating a picturesque garden or orchard.
*Vibrant Colors: Enjoy the rich, intense colors of your blossoms, making your outdoor space truly captivating.
*Ease of Application: The ready-to-use sprayer makes the application process convenient and straightforward.
*Improved Aesthetics: Flower Booster transforms your space into a floral paradise, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and passersby.

Dosage and Directions:
Apply Flower Booster by spraying it generously over the entire plant, covering both the foliage and the blossoms. Repeat as needed to ensure a continuous burst of vibrant flowers.
Enhance the natural beauty of your plants and gardens with Flower Booster. Achieve a stunning floral display, whether for personal enjoyment or to captivate your customers and guests.

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