OEM & PW Certified

What is an OEM & Brand Originals part?

What’s the difference between OEM and Brand originals and PW Certified?

Let’s start with genuine parts, which are parts that were installed in your Appliances by the manufacturer when it was first sold. They often have the logo of the Appliances manufacturer, such as Godrej or Whirlpool etc., or their company name such as Robertshaw, Annapoorna, or Hennig etc. printed on them.

Once you’ve purchased an Appliance and need to make repairs or replace parts for maintenance, the terminology changes to the following:

Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. These parts are made by the same manufacturer that made the genuine parts in an Appliance, but they’re installed when an appliance needs a repair. Because the same manufacturer makes OEM parts, they are guaranteed to fit in your appliance.

What Is PW Certified part?

PW Certified parts. These are made by manufacturers that did not make the original Appliance parts and therefore do not qualify as Brand Originals & OEM parts. They can often be used in place of Brand Originals, OEM parts, but they carry the potential of at times not being fully compatible with your Appliance.

Comparing Brand originals , OEM and PW Certified parts

There are benefits and downsides to Brand Originals, OEM and PW Certified parts, and a quick comparison shows that Brand Originals, OEM parts win for dependability as a longer-term investment. On the other hand, PW Certified parts offer more options and tend to be more affordable.

Here’s a quick comparison of their pros and cons.

Brand Originals & OEM partsPW Certified
Life span×

Pros and cons of Brand Originals & OEM parts

In general, Brand Originals, OEM parts offer peace of mind, but that comes at a higher cost. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks to buying Brand Originals, OEM parts.

Pros :

  • Compatibility. Brand Originals, OEM parts are manufactured to fit your appliance and work like they’re supposed to with your appliance’s systems. 
  • Longer life. Because they are made in the same way as genuine parts, Brand Originals, OEM parts tend to be more reliable than PW Certified parts and last for longer.
  • Warranty. **Brand Originals, OEM parts should come with a warranty to protect you if the part is defective or doesn’t work properly. The specific warranty will differ by manufacturer.

Cons :

  • Higher cost. Due to their better quality, Brand Originals, OEM parts tend to cost more than PW Certified parts.
  • Limited availability. With a higher demand, also discontinuation of models Brand Originals, OEM parts can have limited availability and take longer to order and get into stock.

Pros and cons of PW Certified parts

PW Certified parts tend to go easier on your budget but don’t come with the guarantee that they’ll come with fully compatible.

Pros :

  • More options. PW Certified parts can be made by any company that wants to manufacture appliance parts, so you have more options when looking for a part.
  • Cheaper cost. Because there are more options available for PW Certified parts, they tend to be cheaper

Cons :

  • Inconsistent quality. Appliance manufacturers do not oversee the quality of PW Certified parts, so there’s no guarantee that the part will work well or even at times fit fully compatible with your appliance correctly.
  • Limited warranty. Most PW Certified parts have limited warranties or no warranty at all, which means you’re out more money if the part becomes defective or doesn’t fit.

** Depending upon the Brand Originals, OEM brands warranty policies

On our website, Brand Originals, OEM parts are clearly labelled with the logo of the Appliance manufacturer / OEM brand  on the product page. Also with Brand Originals , OEM or PW Certified badge.

Your part will also arrive in a box branded with the manufacturer’s logo for Brand Originals, OEM’s or our Pardzworld PW box for PW Certified parts.